Helping to improve your business

The Candor Company provides domain registrations, web site hosting, email service, and many other web-related products and services that can be found here.

The Candor Company is located in Lake Forest, California. Its purpose is to provide services for small and medium enterprises (SME).

More than 35 years experience in technology as an engineer, sales professional and small business entrepreneur; technical and business education (BSEE, MBA) coupled with experience in many facets of business and a broad spectrum of applied technology gives The Candor Company proprietor a unique perspective to help small and medium businesses increase their effectiveness. The services and expertise of other specially-skilled individuals or organizations are called upon as needed to provide appropriate additional advice and solutions.

It is imperative for american businesses to operate as efficiently as possible, eliminating unnecessary cost and providing products and services that are competitive in their chosen market(s). Too often, businesses choose to focus entirely on reducing cost. Yet, emphasizing cost reduction may lead to de-emphasizing revenue growth. To operate a successful, viable, enduring business requires both minimizing cost and increasing revenue. The Candor Company can show you how to do it.

The Candor Company has assisted many small business owners to establish a web presence, providing a place for customers and potential customers to learn what is offered and to stay up to date on current business events. The Candor Company is skilled in all aspects of web site design; preparation; development; initiation; deployment and maintenance. Providing these services at a significantly lower cost than others has made it possible for clients to have a professional web presence that might otherwise have been out of reach, using it to increase their revenue.


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